"Z" - Magazine for Politics, Satire and Art
Kanal 4, broadcasted monthly on a nationwide window
of Sat 1 and RTL, 1993-95

During a regular two year work as video artists and in the editorial team - with more than 20 people - for "Z" we have developed our own style in monthly broadcasted video features. This style always shifted between video art and documentary, compilation and arrangements.
We usually worked with self-produced material and found footage out of archives. By using a very associative postproduction we composed essays without voice over in which e.g. interviews and experimental sequences were webbed together in terms of form and content.

The first dogfilm videos for "Z" entitled "Reklame" tried to deal with the fact that the magazine was broadcasted via private television conceptually. Instead of the expected commercial break as intermission of the magazine we used that space for our own spots. Formally they were based on commercial strategies, in terms of content however they were comments, analyses or satires of TV commercials.

For the mono-thematic issues of "Z" we worked together with the other participants - journalists, artists, comedians - on subjects, which mostly dealt with certain political or sociocultural events or conditions. Therefor our work was not necessarily bound to actuality but nevertheless not to be seperated from the contemporary history that surrounded us.

In the non-thematic issues however dogfilm worked mostly independent from the editorial team and realized a series of art videos. They were related by a loose conceptual context and were later compilated under the title "Crisis - Disease - Perspectives".

In the "magazine years" we have produced up to 25 videos between one and seven minutes length.

1995/ 96 several following magazine models for "Z" have been developed, in which dogfilm participated conceptually and as authors of pilot videos. In the end the idea of a critical television magazine failed mainly because of the internal change of Kanal 4 itself. They decided to approach the more commercial strategies of private television both in terms of form and content.

1) "Z": Commercials
2) "Z": Z-thematic
3) "Z": Crisis - Disease - Perspectives