1999, dogfilm (Ellerkamp/ Haase/ Heitmann/ Helmers/ Kröger/ van Megen/ Scheffner) for quantum / 3 Sat, DV / Betacam SP, 25 min.

The change from industrial age to the media or information age has been discussed a lot, it has been written about, films have been made. With all this we have hardly realized how we slid into an electronic everyday life. Everybody individually, at the PC at home, linked with eachother at work, outside in the traffic, on the shifting borders between public and private space. An area of conflict has developed between appropriation of technology and the questioning of it, between the overflow of information and a highly specialized knowledge, which we are constantly trying to keep up with. Often enough an area of conflict between fun and despair.

Visions at the campfire
So let's presume, we find ourselves sometime in the close future, sitting around a campfire on a piece of fallow land in the city. Presence and future as two stable quantities have clashed with the beginning of the new millennium, erasing each other. The surrounding world has lost the aura of the futurous and before us lies the eternal, empty wideness of the presence and an unwritten future. And from it stories are emerging: like many little mosaic pieces. Each of it has another colour, it's origin at a different place, but together they form an iridescent web of our dreams, wishes and experiences.

1) "Call Center"

2) "Relationships"

3) "ZerOne"

4) "Seti@home"

5) "Time Capsule"