""No One is Illegal"

1999, dogfilm für ZDF / ARTE, thematic evening,
Betacam SP, length: 4.30 hrs.

Already for the video "Juristic Bodies" dogfilm had started to work on the subject of "illegalization".
With the theme night "No One is Illegal" for ARTE, we wanted to make television a (fictionalized) place where people with and without residential permits can equally communicate - a place where nobody has to remain "invisible". For that purpose we have chosen to represent the perspective of the affected refugees themselves, as well as those who solidarize with them and claim a non-exclusive society.
Repression, war, economic despair, ecological destruction are the four main reasons of a migration wave at the end of the 20th century, which expelled between 70 and 200 million people (different statistics) from their home countries. Only very few will come to Europe or North America. The largest part of refugee movements takes place in Asia, Africa and Latin America. However in Europe, taken into account discussions about the security of the outer borders and an unified "foreigners law", in the last years, from governments and media, a targeted campaign of horror scenarios was evoked with slogans like: "The invasion of the poor", "Onslaught of the poor" or "Run on Europe". As a result of the so called "Schengener Treaty" everyone who tresspasses a border of another EU neighbour country without any valid documents is committing a crime.

Foremost the aim of the resistance against criminalization and deportation of refugees which exists at the moment in the campaign " Nobody is illegal" in Germany and in the movement of the " Sans Papiers " in France, is to focus public attention on the situation of people without documents and to change the status of deprivation of rights of refugees in our society through solidarity between the people and the affected refugees themselves. Furthermore it is an important goal to publicly discuss the global connection that lead to migration, to rethink the definition of "refugee", and to develop utopia that don’t end into a "Fortress Europe".

dogfilm has developed the concept for the theme night and produced different parts of the programme.

1) Planeta Alemania

2) With Outside Help